Bridal & Debutante Gowns

Have you just had your debutante ball or been married, or intend to in the future?  There are things you should know about cleaning and preserving the most treasured item you will ever own.

You can't see them, but they are there! Most people don't realize the amount of stains that can occur during the ceremony and reception.  These include: perspiration both from yourself and others', body oils, alcohol, hairspray, perfume, food, flower pollen, grass and dirt.

Some of these stains are invisible and therefore the gown appears to still be clean.  This is not the case.  Over time, these stains start to become yellow.  This is called oxidization.  If these stains are not removed fairly soon after wearing, the yellowed stains start to break down the fabric resulting in brittleness and the risk of holes or cracks forming at the stain site.

The best thing you can do for your gown is to have it professionally cleaned and preserved soon after the wedding.

Your gown will be thoroughly checked for staining and treated as required before being cleaned.
Dry Cleaning involves the use of distilled, pristine solvent which is gentle on fabrics and effective at removing oils etc. As we are very conscious of the environment, we use modern equipment that meets EPA standards.

Once clean and dried, you gown is finished with a quality control inspection and steam press.

The correct preservation involves storing in an appropriate acid free box with sufficient acid free tissue between the folded layers.  The box and tissue is designed to regulate humidity and keep the gown from yellowing over time.  Any metal trims should be stored separately from the gown as metals can turn green affecting the fabric.  Never store your gown (or any garment) in plastic as it gives off a gas causing damage to the fabric.  Commercial zip up bags and Dry cleaning plastic is only for the purpose of keeping the garment clean until it reaches home.

Storage of the box should be in a dry, dark place, away from sources that produce air borne contaminants (such as the kitchen), plus the storage area must be kept free from vermin and crawlies, for obvious reasons!

No matter how old your gown is, its never too late to have it cleaned.  Maybe you have a daughter, niece, grand-daughter or great grand-daughter that would be delighted to wear your gown?

If you have any queries or would like a quote to clean your gown, please feel free to drop in, we are only too pleased to be of assistance.

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