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Why is my wool quilt (and underlay) still stained after dry cleaning? 

We spend an average 121 days per year in bed. During use, the combination of dust, mites, bodily fluids and air causes an oxidation effect resulting in the yellow/brown stains. These cannot be removed with dry cleaning.  Quilts and underlays that are water washable may have these stains reduced/removed with the use of products for this purpose.  Did you know, the average life span for a quilt and underlay is just 5 years?  After this time, they should be replaced.

Can coat hangers be recycled?

Great question! It might surprise you to know that they actually can't.

The plastic components may be recycled (check for the recycle symbol) however the wire and metal parts must be disposed of in your rubbish bins. Not even a recycling centre can take them as the wire is nickle plated and not recyclable. Coat hangers pose a problem to recycling operations causing damage and issues to their machinery.

Here at MRDC we welcome the return of good quality, undamaged nickle wire hangers (from your dry cleaning orders) for reuse and for customer needs. Please put all other hangers in your bin.

As a bonus, for every hanger returned to us, we will donate 1 cent to a local charity of our choice.

Can my dry cleaning be stored in the plastic bags provided? 

For a short time yes.  For long term storage, it is recommended the plastic be removed and a suitable cloth suit bag used instead.  The reason for this is plastic generally can give off gases that can cause damage to fabrics and additionally, any moisture within the bag can cause mold etc.  The plastic we supply is purely intended to keep your garments free from dust and fluff until you get them home.

Do we provide a dying service?  

No, as people have certain expectations in mind, the customer is usually disappointed with the result. The item will never finish 'like new'. 

However, we do sell dyes in assorted colours for natural and synthetic fabrics for you to do at home. When dying garments, natural fibres are the most successful in taking up the dye.  Be careful of threads though as these are usually polyester and will not take up the full colour, if at all.

Are you a member of the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia (DIA)? 

Yes we are! Although in the past we have seen this as a non essential membership, we have welcomed an association with the DIA and National Launderer to be an asset and great benefit to us and to you.

Do you provide a 3 garment special like most establishments? 

No.  We have decided to step away from this type of trade and charge for individual items.  This is a much fairer system for both customer and business owner. However, we do offer 10% discount card for orders of 3 or more items and pay in advance.  We find this service favorable among our customers.  Occasionally we do offer shop based specials and now on this web site!  Keep coming back and checking our monthly specials! 

Collect your discount card in store today!

Some of your prices appear a little excessive.  Why is this? 

Well, in short, our business in located in the country.  We have limited services for trade supplies and these tend to be priced higher than the city due to freight etc. Additionally, our store operates on electricity only therefor making running costs much higher than a city store who makes use of gas. Please also bare in mind that a lot of of essential prices (trouser, jackets etc) are actually some of the cheapest in the area!

Do you have a fast service? 

Yes we can provide a 1 hour service if required.  This option is available only if the equipment has not been turned off and is otherwise not in use.  We do make exceptions for funerals as these events are indeterminable. 

Do you operate on Saturdays? 

Yes!  We take work in for same day cleaning on Saturday's until 10am for pickup from 11.30am. Please allow for delays as Saturday's can become quite busy!  As this is classified an 'urgent' service, be aware that any garments needing re-cleaning may be finished without stains removed due to time restraints.

Do you have 'stuff ups'? 

Of course, we are only human after all!  Having said that, we take all possible measures to avoid this, but sometimes accidents will occur.  With these circumstances we make sure the customer affected is compensated in a fair and reasonable manner and within accordance of our terms of use.  

More to come... 

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