Important & Covid-19 Information

Important business strategic planning concerning Covid-19

Our 'Covid Lockdown' trading hours are as follows:

8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday

10am to 12pm Saturday

These hours will revert back to normal as trade increases.

Coronavirus information

They say PREVENTION is the cure!

Did you know, although some viruses can remain active on fabrics for several hours, Coronavirus does not live on your clothes for more than 20 minutes. Because of this, bringing your clothes and soft furnishings in for Dry Cleaning does not pose any threat of cross contamination.

While Coronavirus does it's thing around the globe, you can help by keeping your home and loved ones safe while taking a few preventative measures.

- Wash your hands with soap often, and thoroughly and avoid touching your face
- Use antibacterial gel (available from supermarkets and chemists)
- Use antiviral sprays around your home (eg Glen 20)
- Wash your linen and clothes on a hot wash with a dose of disinfectant
- Keep surfaces clean and disinfected

The best thing you can do is not panic, just be safe and take precautions

In light of what is going on in the world, with Coronavirus now affecting Australia and closer to home, Victoria, our store has adopted a 'no touch' policy.

Due to the close proximity we have with the client, we will not be providing an alterations FITTING service until 'the powers that be' deem the outbreak safe.

Please have someone at home assist you in pinning up your hems etc.

This policy is to protect you, and us so that business can continue as normal.

Thank you for your understanding

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